Adam P McCready is a composer, sound designer, musician and sound recordist specialising in creating audio narratives from electronically and digitally manipulated audio.

Known for his work on theatre and dance productions he has also created several interactive sound installations for galleries and museums as well as music scores for small independent films and sound designs and compositions on many audio drama and podcast series. Working from his floating narrowboat studio, Adam’s work is strongly influenced by the natural world and much of his work involves the digital manipulation of field recordings and found sounds sourced from his environment. His sound design work has varied in scale from small rural touring productions to large scale commercial West End and touring musicals and site specific outdoor community productions.

Whether creating  for live performance or recorded drama Adam aims to create a sonic landscape for the performers to inhabit that is as tangible and supportive to their work as any piece of stage scenery, costume, prop or lighting effect. Sound and music are as vital a part of the non-verbal communication of a text as any performed gesture.

Adam formed Poetical Machines in 2015 as a way of collaborating with other artists to produce and develop projects with a focus on STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering Art and Mathematics). This was as a response to the often held view that arts subjects are somehow disciplines that operate in opposition to scientific study whereas Adam views them all as expressions of human curiosity and creativity. The first project was ADA, a play written by Emily Holyoake, based on the life story and legacy of visionary mathematician Ada Lovelace whilst exploring the ethics surrounding Artifical Intelligence. The play is published by Aurora-Metro books.

Adam is a member of the Association of Sound Designers.

Photo © Robert Day.