Any Means Necessary is written by Kefi Chadwick and directed by Giles Croft. It is a newly commissioned Nottingham Playhouse production of February 2016. Set and costume by Sara Perks and lighting by Chris Davey.

Inspired by real-life events, Any Means Necessary is a gripping new play that focuses on the human story at the heart of a national scandal.

When an undercover police officer who had been living amongst an activist community in Nottingham was exposed in 2011, it lifted the lid on a whole series of covert policing operations dating back decades. Revelations of women co-erced into relationships with these officers has resulted in a public apology from the Met Police and an admission that their behaviour was an abuse of the women’s human rights. A major public inquiry begins in 2016 and is expected to run for 3 years.


Photo © Robert Day

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